Teaching staff may decide to alter the order in which subjects or topics are taught. The curriculum will be reviewed at the end of each academic year.

The National Curriculum in England is structured around three Core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science) and eight Foundation subjects. Schools are also required to teach Religious Education at all key stages. Provision for Personal, Health, Social and Economic education (PHSE) is also made.

Reception and Nursery children follow a Foundation Stage Curriculum which comprises

  • 3 PRIME Areas: Personal, social and emotional development (PSED), Communication and language (CL), Physical development (PD)
  • 4 SPECIFIC Areas: Literacy (L), Mathematics (M), Understanding the World (UW), Expressive arts and design (EAD)
Autumn Spring Summer
Settling In, Autumn Settling In Tadpoles and Frogs,
Circus Skills
Colour, Christmas Bears, Spring Butterflies and Bees,
Summer Fun
Foundation Stage Curriculum Subject

Making relationships

Self confidence
and self awareness

Managing feelings
and behaviour

PSHE Ongoing development during adult led and child initiated learning.
Staff observe/support children as they play.

Encourage positive social interaction.

Settling in (Sept intake) Establish routines and expectations for happy, well settled, motivated,
independent, confident, creative children.

We regularly tell stories about Brown Muse and White Mouse to illustrate and encourage a growth mindset.
We introduce walking and talking partners.


Listening & attention



Literacy: Speaking
and Listening,
Ongoing development during adult led and child initiated learning.
Staff observe/ support children as they play.

Books and stories, quiet/cosy book area with cushions/soft toys and puppets, weekly “Show and tell”, role play,
cooking with parents, adult led activities including small group.

Weekly French lesson and Music lessons.


Moving and Handling

Health and self

PE Continuous provision: FMS (fine motor skills) dough for rolling, pressing, squeezing, twisting, pulling;
paper for cutting, tearing, colouring: variety of tools – scissors, pencils and pens, sellotape dispensers,
glue sticks, construction kits etc. GMS (gross motor skills) climbers, tyres, bikes, small PE equipment for throwing, catching, aiming, rolling.

Daily “Busy fingers” (FMS).
Weekly PE lesson, sticky kids CD action games, singing games, parachute.

Literacy Reading
and Writing
Writing area with variety of pens, pencils, papers, rulers, diaries; whiteboards and pens, writing provision
in role play (for example, a hospital has appointment book, prescriptions, doctors notes), quiet book area,
labels and print in the setting

Daily Letters and Sounds activities (7 aspects: 1 environmental sounds, 2 musical sounds,
3 body percussion, 4 rhythm and rhyme, 5 alliteration, 6 voice sounds, 7 blending and segmenting)

Mathematics Mathematics Number rhymes and songs, maths area with variety of resources for counting, patterning, sorting,
ordering; puzzles, numbers in the environment including hop scotch; Education City, Numicon shapes

Bears topic – focus on measures/size


People and Communities

The World






Celebration: (birthdays, invitations)
Christmas: story/St Nicholas/any other cultural celebrations.
Belonging (to family, to nursery group)

Easter and Mothers day/other
Relationships (important people,friends, family)
Fathers day

Nursery garden, digging area, sand and water with a variety of resources including moulds, sieves,
funnels, bottles with holes.

Weekly cooking

Environmental area;
Autumn: leaves, conkers and acorns
Spring: changes in Nursery garden. Blossom and daffodils, tadpoles and frogs.
Weekly session with Ipads, IWB, computers, mobiles, toy microwaves and other technology
in role play area, microphones, CD players, bee bots.

EAD Music




Songs and rhymes on CD, with guitar, unaccompanied and on IWB.
Singing games, musical instruments, piano signals game.

Making area with variety of boxes, papers, collage bits, glues, shaping and joining resources including
tape dispensers, single hole punches and glue sticks, play dough, paints, chalks, oil pastels,
construction kits including bricks, lego, stickle bricks, mobilo, interstar, mega blocks

Colour mixing- dry powder paint
Mothers day – clay hearts

Bears topic – make honey sandwiches (focus on tools)
Printing, Textiles

Role play area, dressing up, small world play including farm, animals, dolls house, playmobile people,
cars, train set, castles.

Outside playhouse, bus, prams, buggies and dolls, Bob the builder house with tools for sawing,
hammering. People who help us tabards (policeman, fireman, lollypop man)
Mud café