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Newsletter Friday 24th January

Dear Parents,

Another week completed and the cold, wet weather endures (is it still January?). However, in school our warm atmosphere and sunny dispositions continue with children’s learning always progressing.

This week, Phoenix Class had their Class Celebration assembly where they shared some of the amazing learning that has been taking place in Year 5. It was wonderful to hear them talk so confidently and knowledgably about their learning. Thank you to the parents who were able to attend; the children loved the opportunity to share and celebrate their work with you.

As we continue to develop our curriculum, our teachers are always looking for ways to grow their subject areas. This week, Miss Knappett, Miss Breckenridge and Mrs Laskey attended a PE conference to explore some exciting new ways to further engage children in physical activity within school. We are already buzzing with ideas so this is a very exciting time to see how our curriculum develops.

We have had many visitors in school this week attending training provided by some of our staff as well as training led by Herts for Learning. A testament to our school is that external visitors always comment on the wonderful feel and atmosphere at Knebworth as well as the quality of the work our children produce.

Mr Welsh and SLT carried out a site walk this week to look at some of the ways we hope to develop the school in the short and long-term so watch this space! For example, we have lots of exciting plans to further enhance our active lunchtimes and our school playground. However, what was noticeable during our tour was the amount of litter scattered around the school site. This is sometimes unavoidable as the squirrel population can be our enemy however we are going to be tackling this with the children next week and reminding them that in line with our school values we have a collective responsibility to jeep the school tidy.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Kind Regards,
Natasha Laskey, Sim Bains & Grace Maynard

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