Governor Statement

The governors of Knebworth School take pride in supporting the staff and children to deliver our vision. We engage in all aspects of school life with care and attention and are always pleased to hear from parents and stakeholders with views, questions and issues. Parents and guardians may contact us by email. The statutory information for our governors can be viewed by downloading the files below.

Statutory Information

Instrument of Government

Governor Attendance 2017-18

What Governors Do

The school governors have overall legal and strategic responsibility for the school and are made up of four categories:

  • Parent Governors (2) elected by parents
  • LEA Governor (1) appointed by Hertfordshire County Council
  • Co-opted Governors (9) co-opted by the governing body to maintain and develop the school’s links with its community
  • Staff Governors (2) elected by staff

The full governors meet at least four times per year and, in addition, most governors sit on one of three sub-committees which meet termly to discuss particular areas in more detail. The three committees deal with:

  • Resources (Finance/Premises)
  • School Improvement
  • Safeguarding/Human Resources
  • Some governors are also responsible for particular aspects of school life and all are required to visit school regularly and participate in activities which contribute to the delivery of our school vision.

Jane Whitrow (Co-opted)

Chair of Governors, Chair of School Improvement committee, parent governor.I've lived in Knebworth for over 20 years and I joined the GB as a parent governor in 2009 when both my children were at the school. I'm a chartered accountant with a science background and my working life has been largely spent in small, entrepreneurial companies looking after money, people and premises. I also sit on the Governing Body of Woolgrove Special Needs Academy.

Karen Wallace-Poultney (Co-opted)

Vice-Chair, Chair of School Improvement Committee. I have lived in Knebworth for a decade. As parent representative on Barleyfields Children’s Centre Advisory Board, I am well informed about the role of governor. I worked for 12 years at Goldman Sachs, developing strong communication skills that I will use to represent parents’ views and support the school to ensure our children flourish.

Natasha Laskey (Head Teacher)

I was delighted to be appointed Head Teacher and excited at the opportunity to serve the school and the community. By working closely together with parents, staff, and governors, I am certain that we will realise an exciting vision for the school

Rony Ford (Co-opted)

I work for the Stevenage Education Support Centre where I lead the Art department and provide outreach behaviour support to local schools. I studied fine art at university in Spain (where I trained to become a specialist teacher in Madrid) and in Antwerpen, before I came to live in England with my husband in 2001. Both my daughters attend Knebworth Primary School.


Canon Jane Hatton (Co-opted)

I’ve lived in the village for over thirty years and my two grown up “children” benefited from going to Knebworth School. I’m a chaplain at the Lister Hospital and enjoy singing, reading and pottering in the garden.

Bob Hall (Co-opted)

I am married with two adult children, and have lived in Knebworth for over thirty years. My son attended Knebworth JMI, during which time I was on the FOKS committee. I hope that I can bring 40 years of experience in highway engineering and management to bear, and look forward to continuing my learning as a school governor and contributing to the continued success and progress of the school and its pupils.

Sonia Morrison (Co-opted)

Governor for SEND. I have been a governor at Knebworth School for more than ten years and am a governor at three other schools. I  sit on the School Improvement, Safeguarding and Resources committees. I have lived in Knebworth for over thirty years and my four children all attended Knebworth school. I have a particular interest in SEND. I also sit on the Governing Bodies of Woolgrove Special Needs Academy, Hitchin Girls' Academy, and Pinewood Special Needs Academy.


Donna Moss (Co-opted)

I have lived in Knebworth all my life and attended Knebworth Primary as a child, as did my family. I have experience of our school as a parent and as a member of its staff. I feel being part of the Governing Body allows me to give something back to the school community which means so much to me.

Brian Poole (Associate)

I joined the Governing Body in 1989. I’ve lived Knebworth for over thirty years and have been a governor at Knebworth School since 1989. I am Chair of the Resources Committee which covers premises matters and finance. I undertake the Health and Safety audits at the school on a regular basis.

Nathaniel Chell (Parent)

I’m a father of four, with my eldest three attending Knebworth School. I appreciate the special role our school has in village life and the excellent opportunities it affords our children. I’m a seasoned technologist, business administrator and team leader and I’m happy to serve as a parent governor and help the school thrive in today’s ever-changing educational landscape.


Gemma Wood (Parent)

I have fifteen years of board-level experience for an international health charity. I currently work part-time promoting STEM education and I have a background in children and family policy. I have written policy reports on school choice, parent engagement, bullying, truancy, early years, and children's mental health.

Viv Goddard (LEA)

I joined the Governing Body in 1988.  As a governor of the school which all three of my children attended, I am delighted to be able to contribute to the continuing improvements in the school environment and the standards of excellence reached in the school curriculum. I am Chair of the Safeguarding Committee dealing with all HR matters.

Sim Bains (Staff)

I have been a part of the teaching staff at Knebworth School for over 10 years and in this time I have been fortunate enough to hold many different roles and responsibilities.  Following my promotion to Deputy Headteacher I was also delighted to be appointed as a staff governor as this provides me with the opportunity to represent the views of the staff.   Also, being part of the Governing Body means I am able to give something back to the school community and ensure our school continues to be the very best it can be for our children. 

Anna Wilson (Co-opted)

I attended Knebworth Primary School as a child, along with my brothers, and have recently returned to the area.  I’m a chartered accountant and have worked in companies of varying sizes, so hope I can bring some of my experience to benefit the school.

 Minutes from governor meetings are available on request from the school office. Please email your request to the school.