Pupil Parliament

Why do we need a Pupil Parliament?

“To give everyone a voice and the chance to be heard. To make a difference to the school by putting ideas into action, and making it a better learning environment.” – Madeleine

What does it mean to be a Pupil Parliament member?

 “Being a Pupil Parliament member makes me feel happy and want to go further in protecting the school, making everyone feel welcome and make us stand out.” – Willow

Why did I join the Pupil Parliament?

“Because I thought that it would be fun and I get to speak to lots of people.” - Jasmine

How do members of  Pupil Parliament share their decisions with the school?

“We share in assemblies, we invite people to share experiences, we ask pupil questions, and we feedback from our discussions ideas people have shared on our suggestion space.” - Charlie

How can ideas help the school?

“If we have ideas from pupils, we can see what is popular and then make changes.  This makes the school a better place because we are using everyone’s ideas.” - Alfie

What is my vision for the school/community?

“I would like everyone to enjoy school life and be able to share their ideas so that their voice is heard and they understand that they are unique.” – Lucy

What can I do to help the school community?

“I can help the school community by helping people make friends and make sure everyone is feeling happy and safe.” - Flo

How do you collect ideas or questions from the class?

“You can put your ideas in:

The Pupil Parliament suggestion box

A class suggestion space

Pupil Voice questionnaires

Speaking to a Pupil Parliament member

Class discussions.

- Ella