‘To support our children to thrive in an ever-changing world.’

Our role is to help our children to learn the values, skills and knowledge they will need in order to thrive in an ever-changing world. In our school we achieve this through:


Developing our staffDeveloping personal qualitiesDeveloping academic skills, technical skills and creativityDeveloping understanding of communityDeveloping qualities for healthy living
Central to our vision is the development of our staff and the forging of a truly inspiring team ethos. Leadership is focussed on ensuring capacity to improve is fostered on an individual, team and organisational level. Team work is encouraged throughout the school.

Examples include: our Inclusion Team, school improvement teams around our improvement priorities, our Senior Leadership team, Teaching and Learning Communities and our assessment Triads. This level of teamwork supports our outstanding capacity to improve.

Our children learn kindness, care, compassion and tolerance through a range of rich experiences. They also learn to be confident, creative, resilient and able to adapt quickly to any given situation. Our pupils develop respect for different opinions and learn about different beliefs, cultures and religions.

Together we foster high degrees of respect between adults and children. This is underpinned by our Code of Conduct. Relationships with children are caring and positive. We listen closely to our children and use inventive teaching strategies in order to understand how they think or feel about a given subject.

We use this knowledge to adapt our teaching and ensure our children are provided for. We care if they succeed and our children thrive in this climate. Developing these qualities is also achieved by providing rich opportunities in sports, the arts and throughout our exciting curriculum. Our children learn the skills and knowledge they need from our dedicated and knowledgeable staff and have opportunity to apply these skills in a safe nurturing environment.

Our children are also actively involved in their learning. They work with a variety of learning partners and groups and have to solve problems together and learn and make improvements to the quality of their work. Our pupils are constantly supported by our staff to understand that good learners learn through their mistakes and build their resilience through this process. From the earliest age, they associate positive learning traits through characters created in each class and can identify and apply these learning traits in their everyday learning.

In order to thrive in an ever-changing world, children need to be able to communicate confidently and be highly numerate. At our school, children achieve the English and mathematical skills needed to support our mission. Reading is taught through Guided Reading led by professionals. In Early Years and Key Stage 1, staff have excellent phonics skills and this enables children to make swift progress in their decoding, reading and writing.

Across Key Stage 1 and 2, teachers have developed a very good technical knowledge of grammar which supports children’s ability to communicate clearly both orally and through their writing, whilst the delivery of high quality mathematics supports children’s progress and confidence in their problem-solving, reasoning and higher order thinking skills.

Creativity is fostered through every subject. From being lost in writing an imaginative story to painting a picture or playing with numbers and problems in maths. In their DT, children are asked to create solutions for new designs whilst learning computing skills opens up a whole world of imagination, problem-solving and logic.

Modern Foreign Languages, geography and history support our pupils’ understanding of the world, the people who live in it and the people who have lived in it.

Religious Education and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) give our children time for reflection and support their understanding of the different views people hold in our world. They teach them tolerance and respect and help them to understand how their choices can impact on those around them. Through these discussions children begin to shape their own beliefs and reflect on their purpose in this world.

The development of these skills is supported by a rich extra-curricular programme. This includes development of the arts including drama, Film-making and craft clubs. Other clubs such as Book club as well as chess, cooking, gardening and sports all support the growth of children’s skills and confidence. Our children are very proud of their achievements.

Our children learn about the importance of community. It starts with the smallest of acts: a smile, saying hello, picking up some litter – showing care for the people and community in which we live and work. These qualities are under-pinned by our Code of Conduct which acts as a guiding light. Success is shared and celebrated at our assemblies and in our classes.

From this understanding their outlook grows. Through our School and Sport Councils, our pupils learn that they have a voice, they can influence change and that they can be active in this democratic process. Within this process, we foster respect and tolerance through inviting community members to our school to be part of our learning, as well as working with members of the community to understand their cultures and beliefs.

In order to thrive, our children learn the qualities needed to support a healthy and fulfilling life. Games, which is taught by a specialist, and Physical Education instil habits which support our children to be active healthy citizens who can enjoy their lives. Extra-curricular opportunities to participate and compete in sport are rich and varied. Through PSHE, science, PE and games, our pupils learn about their bodies and how they can keep themselves healthy.

They also learn how to react to potentially harmful situations and keep themselves safe. This includes learning the appropriate and safe use of technology and e-safety.