Parent Forum

In order to support our vision, we need to build strong working partnerships with our whole school community. The biggest influence on any child is their parents and as such it is important to us that you know you are part of our school and part of a partnership needed to achieve our vision. We want you to have a voice and work with us and be involved with supporting your children.

As part of this, the school invites all parents to a regular Parent Forum meeting in order to discuss plans and shape the future of our school.

Teas, coffee and biscuits are an integral part of the meeting and minutes with agreed actions will be published through Parentmail and on the school website.

The meetings will take place on a variety of week days in order to enable as many parents to attend as possible, with one meeting at the start of the day (9.10am) and one at the end of the day (2.45pm).

Parents who can’t attend, but who wish to post questions or respond to matters arising in the minutes, will be able to email directly to the ‘Parent Forum’ at

Parents Forum Minutes

Copies of the minutes for Parent Forum meetings will be available here for download (PDF) when they become available. The latest minutes can be downloaded by using the following links.

Parent Forum minutes – 21 April 2017

Parent Forum minutes – 10 March 2017

Parent Forum minutes – 9 February 2017

Parent Forum minutes – 13 January 2017

Parent Forum minutes – 11 November 2016

Parent Forum minutes – 23 September 2016