Meet the Inclusion Team

The Inclusion team is committed to ensuring all children, regardless of their differences, have access to first quality teaching and become independent and successful learners. We are passionate about developing confidence, self-belief and a growth mind-set in all our children.

The team works closely with all staff to ensure that any barriers to learning are identified and appropriate support is offered. Working closely with our children and parents helps us to develop a real understanding of the unique child and their individual needs.

Our Class based INCAs do an amazing job and are focused on ensuring all our children are included in first quality teaching. Collectively they have years of experience and are committed to providing the best support and ensuring maximum progress for all our children.

Mrs Rix

Mrs Rix

I have been at Knebworth School for over a decade and I have gained valuable experience across the key stages as a classroom teacher. I have always wanted to work in a role that would enable me to support children with additional needs and their families. Being part of such an incredible inclusion team is allowing me to do just that and I really do love what I do. As an Inclusion Manager, I work closely with all staff, including the rest of the Senior Leadership Team, to ensure that our school has an inclusive ethos in which all children participate and make excellent progress. My main passion is supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our children, staff and families. I am constantly researching ways we can further improve everyone's wellbeing so that we can continue to be a school that everyone enjoys and is proud of.

Mrs Rajiah

As an experienced teacher and qualified SENCo, my role is to oversee Knebworth School’s Special Educational Needs provision. I have worked with children from Nursery to Year 6 across a variety of educational settings. I am passionate about problem solving and helping children to access their learning in creative ways, ensuring they make excellent progress.  I work with staff to implement strategies, helping children to improve in areas such as: fine and gross motor development, speech and language, spelling, planning, organisation and focus and attention. I thoroughly enjoy finding ways to remove barriers to learning, ensuring that every child makes progress towards building more positive self esteem.

Mrs Bishop

I am a qualified nursery nurse and have worked at Knebworth School for many years. My current role is to help and support children within our nursery provision. I also have a passion for gardening and outdoor learning with the children. I enjoy working at Knebworth School as it is extremely rewarding seeing the children grow in confidence in the classroom and beyond.

Mrs Blencowe

I have worked as a teaching assistant in KS2 for the past 11 years at a range of different schools. During this time I have worked with children individually, in groups and whole classes in all areas of the curriculum but with a specialism in maths. I have supported children in this subject preparing them for SATs including the more able children to ensure that they are being challenged and are reaching their full potential.  I have recently joined the Year 5 team at Knebworth. I have been made to feel very welcome by the staff and it has been an absolute delight getting to know this lovely group of children who are all such keen learners and so supportive of one another.

Miss Breckenridge

Miss Breckenridge

My role in the school is sports coach, teaching outdoor games lessons to all year groups. I have various qualifications in a range of sporting activities and also use my expertise to support children who struggle with fine and gross motor skills through a programme called Fizzy Training. I really enjoy supporting children with their physical development and watching them grow in self-belief and confidence.

Mrs Burlingham

I am a very experienced member of the staff who has worked successfully throughout the key stages supporting children both individually and in small groups. I use a range of targeted interventions which are proven to deliver a positive impact on progress and skills. Many of these interventions are developed and supported by the Specific Learning Difficulties Base (SpLD) who also provide a link teacher with whom I work very closely.  I lead speech and language development in the school, having completed a recognised external speech and language qualification. In addition, the NHS speech and language therapist provides programmes and advice for me to implement and share in school.

Mrs Coulson

I have worked at Knebworth School for many years, in both key stages 1 and 2, supporting children individually and in groups. I am currently an INCA for Year 3, where my main focus is supporting children across the curriculum however I also assist individual children with speech and language development on programmes and advice obtained from the speech and language therapist. In addition, I support children with reading and spelling using a focused SpLD intervention called ‘Word Wizards'.

Miss Frost

I am based in EYFS in Reception and I work as a One to One Inclusion Assistant supporting a child with their educational and social needs.  I find my role both rewarding and fulfilling and I love working at Knebworth School.

Mrs Greet

I am really happy to have recently joined the team at Knebworth.  Working with the Inclusion Team, I am helping to deliver interventions in Maths and English across the year groups.  I am a qualified teacher with a passion for helping all children access the curriculum, especially those that find learning challenging.  It is so rewarding to see children grow and flourish and to help them find their individual strengths and ways to learn.  I feel lucky to be able to become part of this wonderfully caring team and school.

Mrs Jenner

I currently work in the Nursery supporting the Nursery children with their learning.  At lunchtimes, I oversee the children eating their lunch, help develop their social skills and support the children with playing with one another in a range of different indoor and outdoor activities.  Every day is different, the children always bring a smile to my face and I absolutely love working with the Nursery team and the children.

Mrs King

I have worked at Knebworth School for some years now and my favourite parts of my role are seeing the children's smiley faces every day, watching their confidence grow with their learning and seeing how proud they feel of themselves.  In turn, this gives me a huge sense of pride and achievement.  I also enjoy helping each child develop their social and emotional skills, this is hugely rewarding and being able to be part of a child's school journey is a privilege for me.

Mrs Knappett

I have worked at Knebworth School for over 2o years as an Inclusion Assistant in Reception, Year 1 and 2.  I am currently working in Year 2 where I support children in the classroom, work with small groups and work one to one helping children with all aspects of their learning.  It has been so lovely over the years seeing children develop their learning skills and become confident and proud of their achievements.

Miss Long

I have been working at Knebworth School for many years and currently work as an EYFS Practitioner in Reception. I have also supported some children with 1:1 support to help them become more independent learners. I have completed my NVQ level 2 and 3 diploma whilst I’ve been here. I love working at Knebworth School. No day is ever the same! I love seeing the children learn, grow and be happy at school.

Mrs McCormack

I have worked at Knebworth School for a number of years now.  I am based in Reception working alongside The Early Years Team and I job share with Mrs Peeroozee.  I love working in Early Years and seeing the children develop new skills and move forward with their learning.

Mrs McGlashan

I have experience helping as a inclusion assistant in all year groups and for two years worked and supported a child with a specific learning difficulty.  I have taken on a role in the reprographics area, supporting our team with the daily resources they need. Displays around the school are also part of my new role, ensuring pupil’s voices are displayed and their ideas on different topics are shown. I also work as a mid-day supervisor at lunchtimes and it is lovely engaging with the children at playtimes. I continue to support individual and groups of children when the need arises.

Miss Moss

I have worked at Knebworth School since the age of 16 and I have completed my Level 2 and 3 in Childcare Learning and Development whilst working at the school.  My passions involve helping all children to be the best they can be and to support them to develop their social skills and manage their wellbeing.  I currently work in Year 2 supporting the class teacher with the delivery of whole class lessons as well as delivering targeted interventions to small groups or individual children.  I feel privileged to be part of each child's journey at Knebworth.

Mrs Moss

I have worked in Knebworth School for many years. I have experience as a classroom TA and a specialist TA working alongside many children. I am now the full time pastoral lead and am passionate about ensuring the social and emotional wellbeing of children in our school. I work with individual children and groups to nurture life skills such as self-esteem, independence, confidence and sustainable relationships.  The programmes I deliver include Protective Behaviours for all ages which is designed to keep children safe and build self-esteem. In year 4, children follow the ‘Bright Stars’ programme which helps to promote self-esteem and awareness and management of feelings.

Mrs Peeroozee

I have worked at Knebworth School for many years, for the majority of the time, supporting learning in EYFS. I am currently working in Reception as an EYFS Practitioner. I have an NVQ level 2 and 3 in Early Years and particularly enjoy working with this age group. I love seeing them grow into confident little people. Every day in Reception is different!

Mrs Smith

I have worked at Knebworth School for just over a year. I currently work with Year 4 supporting children both individually and in groups with both their educational and wellbeing. I help children in both spellings and maths and use precision teaching to enhance their skills and become more independent learners. I am also involved in daily class lessons supporting teaching within the whole class which is great as I get to see and know each child in the year group.  I love my role in school, the children amaze me every day and I enjoy helping build a supportive, safe learning environment for them all.

Mrs Stevens

I have been working at Knebworth School for just over a year.  I started as a 1:1 Inclusion Assistant supporting a child in Reception and I am now working as a Class based Inclusion Assistant in Year 1.  I really enjoy watching the children grow and learn.  I also have a Level 2 and 3 diploma in childcare.

Mrs Swainson

I have worked at Knebworth School for a number of years supporting children on a one to one basis.  Currently, I am based in EYFS in Reception and I work as a One to One Inclusion Assistant supporting a child with their educational and social needs.  I find my role both rewarding and fulfilling and I love being a part of each child's learning journey at Knebworth.

Mrs Williams

I have been an NNEB qualified Nursery nurse for over 20 years and worked at Knebworth nursery for over ten years. My role is to provide a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for the children within our setting. With a good understanding of the early years goals, I work closely with the nursery teacher to plan exciting activities and record all progress.