Knebworth Primary School

Deep roots,

For more than a hundred years our school has been at the heart of a close village community.

Unique to our school is our strong team of passionate, caring staff: many of whom have been at the school for a number of years. We are in essence a big family, but we have the warmth and feeling of a small school. Everyone knows and respects everyone else.

Our children develop deep roots. We passionately believe in developing the whole child and giving them the secure foundations essential for them to be respectful, responsible, and resilient young adults who can thrive in an ever changing world.

high aspirations.

We want our children to be the best: to stand out, to dream big, and to lead successful, fulfilling lives.

We know that their journeys through life may not always run smoothly and there may be challenges to overcome along the way. We teach our children first and foremost to know themselves; to understand their thoughts and feelings, to solve problems, and to develop the resilience to bounce back from any setback.

To find out more about our school please see our Parent Handbook (Parents Tab) and our Welcome to Knebworth School video (see icon below.)

- Mrs Natasha Laskey and the Knebworth team

"When we welcome a child to our school, we welcome the family too." - Mrs Natasha Laskey, Headteacher

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